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discusses her book, "reagan in his own hand." the book is a collection of personal writings from throughout ronald reagan's life and reveals that many of his positions were developed long before he became president. this is about an hour. c-span: kiron skinner, co-editor of "reagan in his own hand," what do people get if they buy this book? >> guest: they see unvarnished ronald reagan, long before the presidency, writing, reading, thinking about every major issue facing the united states, and also drafting a strategy, quite surprisingly for many, to end the cold war peacefully without a major hegemonic war. c-span: can you remember the first time you ever heard of all this? >> guest: what do you mean, the radio broadcasts, his writing? c-span: the radio broadcasts, where you--you got yourself involved in it. >> guest: i was working in the reagan library. i'd written nancy reagan, i believe it was in 1996; i wrote her a--a letter about my research on the end of the cold war, and i said, 'i'm deeply fascinated by the american side of the story. most of the research in the 1990s tha
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considering a cut in social security benefits? and in the rewrite tonight, what would ronald reagan do? specifically, what would reagan do about the bill senator diane feinstein plans to introduce banning assault weapons? the answer will surprise today's republicans who claim to worship ronald reagan, and know almost nothing about him. a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. . >>> wayne lapierre and the blood-drenched lobbyists at the nra hate joe biden. they just hate him. because 20 years ago when he was chairman of the senate committee, joe biden helped push gun control legislation through the senate. what the nra never mentions is that that gun control legislation was supported by nra member and former president, ronald reagan. that is coming up. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby c
said was the first woman to be a the stage at a research university. i had a fight with ronald reagan even though i was a commissioner one of my latino women was the only other minority we would dissent when they would try to do something that was terrible. we had a big fight with him but i went to all of those. >>host: but president carter appointed you? >> yes. then there is a new department of education and i went back to teaching and that i was appointed. >>host: when did the clear it would be a permanent agency? >>guest: after the first year. the commission was set of sitting down to say we will just served, they did some hearings. the major power the commission has, when it does what it is supposed to do, it will listen to people and civil rights problems that they could not get anyone to pay attention. the federal government. nobody would pay attention. the first year they would go out and listen to the people. they have the power to subpoena any one. eisenhower said i want to get it passed by congress because my attorney-general tells me that is the only way they can subpoena
missiles from europe. former reagan administration officials talk about the negotiations that led to the intermediate nuclear forces treaty. at this event hosted by the american foreign service association, it's an hour 20 minutes. >> okay. i think we're ready to go. i would invite everyone to take their seats. i'd like to wish all a very good morning. i'm susan johnson, the president of afsa, and i'd like to extend a very warm afsa welcome to you all, and thank you for coming to this important and special panel discussion, and also celebration of the 25th anniversary of the signing the inf treaty. special thanks of course go to our panelists and our moderator, and i should not talk, ridgway and burt, for sharing their experiences and reflections surrounding the conflict negotiations that led to this treaty which was a significant factor in reducing danger of the cold war. i'm sure you know all of these three eminent folks, but i would just like to say a quick word. ambassador rozanne ridgway was assistant secretary of state for europe and candidate from 1985-89. in her 32 year fo
the executive director of the ronald reagan presidential center. it's a pleasure to welcome you here on the rainy evening. in honor the men and women in uniform who defend our freedom around the world within if you would stand and join me for the pledge of allegiance. i plek allegiance to the flag of united states of america. and to the republican for which it stands, one nation under god, and with lib if i and justice for all. thank you. please be seated. before we get started ilgd like to recognize a few special guests we have with us. i would like to begin with a welcome to one of our members of board of trustees and the former governor of the state of california pete wilson. governor. [applause] [applause] our county supervisor peter floyd. peter, thank you for coming. [applause] now for those of who who were patient enough to go through the book signing line prior to the event this evening we yo know the wonderful woman is here with us tonight. she's "the new york times" best selling officer and president of gingrich productions. please join me in recognizing calista fig h -- gi
'm in the reagan library but if they were, i mean what if you are bill maher her. [laughter] so, i am signing books here and a young man gives me a tiny uniform. [laughter] you can see that, right? is the smallest unicorn i have ever seen but its unicorn and that's all that matters. do you think that sean hannity gets unicorn's? [laughter] he does not have time for unicorns. bill o'reilly? maybe if he was doing a book called killing unicorns. [laughter] i get the unicorns. they don't get the unicorns. by the way, how many people are fans of redeye? [applause] this whole unicorn thing got out of hand. the reason why i was talking about unicorns in the beginning of the show was because i thought it was odd and weird that a middle-aged man would wod assess with something. i thought as a conservative, libertarian, it would be interesting to create false narratives about you that would kind of throw off the left. if you assign certain kinds of behaviors to yourself, they don't know what to make of you and i learned this when i was at "the huffington post," that i created this whole false story behind me
and i had the honor of being executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation. and it's my pleasure to welcome all of you here in this rainy evening. in honor of our men and women in uniform to defend our freedom around the world, if you would please stand and join me for the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank you, please be seated. >> before we get started i'd like to have guests tonight. a date to begin with a welcome to one of the members of our board of trustees and the former governor of the state of california, pete wilson. governor. [applause] also with us tonight is our terrific congressman from houston guy really is retiring after 26 years. [applause] are scum her supervisor, foy. [applause] for the city who are patient enough to go through the book signing line, just prior to the event this evening coming in at this wonderful woman to see woman is here with us today. she's the best selling "
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, everyone. my name is john, and i had the honor of being executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation, and it's my pleasure to welcome all of you here on this rainy evening. in honor of our men and women in uniform who defend our freedom around the world, if you would please stand and join me for the pledge of allegiance. >> thank you, please be seated. >> before yes, sir. i would like to recognize a few special guests we have with us today but i'd like to begin with a welcome to one of our members of our board of trustees and a former governor of the state of california, pete wilson. governor. [applause] >> also with us tonight is a terrific congressman who is retiring after 26 years of terrific service and his wife. [applause] >> our ventura county supervisor, peter, thank you for coming. [applause] >> now for those of you who are patient enough to go through the book signing line just prior to the event this evening, you know this wonderful woman is here with us tonight. she's a best selling author, "new york times" best selling author and the president of g
you something? if all of your fans are actual, i can't swear because i'm in the reagan library, but if they were jerks? what if you were belmar? -- bill maher. i'm signing books and a young man gives me a tiny unicorn. you can see that, right? it's the smallest unicorn i've ever seen but it's a unicorn and that's all that matters. do you think sean hannity gets a unicorn's? ass doesn't have time for your records. go all riley? may be weenies doing a book called killing unicorns. [laughter] i get the unicorns. they don't get the intercourse. how many people are fans of red eye? [cheers and applause] this whole unicorn thing got out of hand. the reason why i was talking about unicorns in the beginning of the show was i thought it would be weird i if it middle-ad man was obsessed with something a teenage girl would be. and i thought as a conservative, libertarian it would be interesting to create like false narratives about you that would throw off the left. if you assign certain kinds of behaviors to yourself, they don't know what to make a the. i learned this when i was at the "
at reagan national, 28 in winchester, 25 in manassas, dulles. we will be in los low 40's this light mixwith a changing over to train. wednesday, a big rain maker into town the day after christmas. >> the maryland state highway administration is keeping an campf the weather possibility of any freezing rain right now. officials are fully stocked with surprise and will deploy equipment as needed. with nearly a third of all americans traveling this meteorologist are about what could be the nightmare after christmas. two new storms are moving in. rob nelson it is on storm watch. >> there is no place like home for the holidays, but the making it easy to get there. rain snow and torrential delayed and stranded many travelers. the road are practically in someble to navigate west.of the >> there are a lot of spin-outs east.r it will be chain controls for the next two days going into christmas. >> women might be the best way to travel if you are trying to sonoma county, california. san francisco international, a 30 flights cancelled and many delays, leading to passengers. >> after i found out
jerks? wouldn't that tell you something? if all of your fans -- i can't swear in the reagan library but if they were jerks, what if you were bill locker -- but so i am signing books here and a young man give is me a kind of unicorn. you can see that. is the smallest unicorn i have ever seen but it is a unicorn and that is all that matters. they you think sean hannity gets unicorn's? doesn't have time. bill o'reilly, maybe doing a book called killing unicorns. i get the unicorns. they don't get the unicorns. how many people are fans of rabbi? all right. this hole unicorn thing got out of hand. the reason why i was talking about unicorns at the beginning of the show is i thought was odd and weird for a middle-aged man to be obsessed with something a teenage girl would be. i thought as a conservative libertarian you would be interesting to create narrative that would kind of throw off the left. if you assign certain kinds of behaviors to yourself they don't know what to make of you. i learned this when i was at the huffington post that i created this false story behind me that i lived
supply-side revival of the same kind we had under ronald reagan. >> would you change anything you wrote in the original "wealth and poverty"? >> i would've changed quite a lot. there's all kinds of details that a changed. but i found that to try to change one thing would be to change everything. so you know, you get into the morass of editorial work. so instead of changing an essentially retained the old look and added 40,000 new words at the beginning and kind and revision of my monetary policy in the middle. it's a new book, but it contains the old book veered >> pennysaver bishop monetary policy, what do you mean by that? >> i failed to make clear in the original version of "wealth and poverty" that i believe can stable currencies. i don't believe including current these. i agree with steve forbes that flow currencies, which is the standard value by which every entrepreneur has to guide and has decisions it's like floating our so that people wouldn't have to work so much. one man could have the power worth 50 minutes. the next come the 70 minute and needs in-house default swaps and i
. the morning after his wife has to speak for him. jimmy carter leaves broken. ronald reagan. every single president. george h.w. bush. >> it's a brutal job. >> they all leave broken. >> well, i mean, look at obama, he's not broken but his hair is graying. they visibly age before -- >> joe's not broken. >> but you know what, he refused to leave. remember? bill clinton still in the hanger four months later. >> they're broken when they leave, but then they rehabilitate themselves. i mean, even nixon. you couldn't leave more broken than dicks nixon. he becomes the sage of saddle river, having journalists at the dinner, rewriting history books. even nixon can come back. there is life after the presidency if you handle yourself. but history is like -- >> another reason this is so much fun and so important ultimately is remember the way the founders described -- i think it was washington described the senate as the saucer in which -- >> where the tea cools. >> right. >> that's what history is. and it takes our friend michael beschloss as a rule, you can't write about a president in full until 25
of research university. but in any case, i had excites with ronald reagan because i was just a commissioner. i along with one of my latina woman, who was the only other minority on the commission would descend whenever the commission tried to do something that was terrible. reagan appointed some people, so we had problems than they had a big fight with him. but i was on their commitment to other sites. finally it was contained and made me chaired the commission. >> host: president carter point you? >> guest: carter appointed me. i went back to teaching and he pointed me to the commission. >> host: at what point did it become clear the u.s. reservation become a permanent agency in a sense? >> guest: after the first year when the report stated. instead of sitting down and saying okay, we are here as a safety valve. they did some hearings that the major power the commission house and i point this out in the book into his most important thing about the commission. what it says is supposed to do is simple: listen to people now and also listen to. the civil rights problems people have that they cou
.s. citizens? >>> and new revelations about ronald reagan's relationships with two of the most powerful women in the world, the queen and margaret thatcher in documents released three decades later. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening, i'm natalie morales in tonight for brian. it is down to the wire now with about 80 hours until the fiscal cliff deadline. and on what is a holiday weekend for many, that is not the case for congressional leaders in washington. there was a sense of urgency today as the president met with house and senate leaders along with the treasury secretary and vice president a short while ago at the white house to try and forge a last-minute deal. the president says he is optimistic, but at this hour, the fiscal cliff still looms. we begin our coverage with nbc's white house correspondent, peter alexander who has been watching the developments all day. peter, good evening to you. >> reporter: natalie, good evening to you. after his first meeting with all of the top fou
their career iving in the it >> a cold nights ahead, 33 degrees at reagan national had -- reagan national. you will notice the difference waking up tomorrow morning. it will be cold out there. tomorrow, mid-40's 4 afternoon high temperatures. this area of high pressure moves the coast and clouds will increase throughout the day tomorrow. in the showers or snow flurries until the day on tuesday, the first day of 2013. temperatures will fall to nights tomorrow, around 40- 45 degrees. moving through the date on tuesday, a better chance, a 30% chance. nothing that is going to accumulate. to be a biging all.m at 18-25 for a nighttime low. has died down. tomorrow, temperatures will be the 40's. wednesday, thursday, friday, below average, only in the mid- 30's. these are the temperatures we produce slow. but we also need moisture and something we do not have in the forecast. the snow. >>, new year's, i will embrace >> i am still going to be the same guy. i could not change even if i tried. >> [inaudible] >> only time will tell. we have everything it takes to do something special. it all comes down to
publication will launch sometime next year. >>> they were politically speaking the '80s power couple, reagan and thatcher, the newly released letter shedding more light on a very special relationship. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ronald reagan and british p mi but >>> well, they defined a special relationship, president ronald reagan and british prime minister margaret thatcher, but now the classified documents released just this morning shed some new light on their very special partnership. cbs news reporter barry peterson has more now from london. >> reporter: this was her public life. >> the united states came down firmly on our side on the falklands and we're very grateful for them. >> reporter: a tiny british ruled island off south america invaded by original -- argentina in 1982. the british sent troops and warships to overtake it, but behind the scenes there was conflict with mr. reagan urging her to negotiate a truce which she angrily rejected and her asking for his support. you are the only person who will understand. she was not always happy with his responses describing one of his late
candidate since ronald reagan in 1994 beating obama among white voters. by 14 points among white women. five points among independents. he won all the groups by more than george w. bush did in 2004. but he lost the election by a wider margin than john kerry. why? because the composition of the electorate changed. as the obama campaign predicted more than a year ago, the white portion dropped from 2008 to 72% in 2012. the president carried nearly eight in ten nonwhite voters including astounding 71% of latinos, 73% of the asian voters and 93% of black voters. remains a real question why the democratic nominee can hold the obama coalition together but the republican party is right to be reexamining the relationship with minorities. finally, lesson four, don't ignore the data. the polls matter and more are right than wrong. though public polling consistently showed the president ahead, the romney campaign sin veerly believed that romney would win. why? they assumed it would be wider and older than it was. the enthusiasm numbers favored them but they didn't have enough voters. many republicans b
. today will be a little bit warmer. 39 degrees at reagan national. your forecast for today, cloudy with a straight shower, four degrees, cloudy skies and 47 at noon. 51 and mostly cloudy at 5:00. we will show you the weekend forecast. it probably will not be your favorite. that is coming up in just a few minutes. >> it will not be our favorite forecast? as we get up and adam -- at em, the overnight construction has been wrapped up. the beltway passing 650 that is the zone where they had the construction, i am not seeing anything there. they have picked everything up. kenilworth avenue, i had the overnight construction -- it looks like everything is quiet. here is the beltway to 02, and in virginia, we looked good. 395, through the beltway looking good. >> off to a quiet start. we are following breaking news from japan. that is where a meter high tsunami has hit after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. this follows the tsunami back in march of 2011. the tsunami was strong enough to shake buildings in tokyo. some 280 miles away -- an aftershock followed that. we are waiting any information
a higher percentage of the white vote than any canddant since ronald reagan. by 14 points among white women, by 5 points among self-described independents. he won all these groups by more than george w. bush did in 2004, but he lost the election by a wider margin than john kerry. why? because the composition of the electorate changed. as the obama campaign predicted more than a year ago, the white portion of the electorate dropped from 74% in 2008 to 72% in 2012. the president carried nearly 8 in 10 non-white voters including an astounding 71% of latinos and 73% of asian voters and a of course, a whopping 93% of black voters. it remains a real question whether the democratic nominee in 2016 will be able to hold the obama coalition together, which also includes young voters, but the republican party is right to be re-examining its relationship with minorities. finally, lesson four, don't ignore the data. poll meater and more are right than wrong. they showed the president ahead. the romney campaign sincerely believed until election day they would win. romney pollsters assumed their electorat
-span three. tonight on c-span two reagan administration officials recall the negotiation with the soviet union over the intermediate nuclear forces treaty. they talk about the u.s. health care system and later the house transportation committee hearing on high speed rail. on tomorrow's woo journal, u.s. news and world report business correspondent rick newman on the november jobs report. and a discussion about public health in america with national institute of allergy and infect use disease directer and cbc directer thomas. washington journal begins live each morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >>> chief of staff had to make the plan for the innovation of japan without considering the atomic bomb. it was estimated that the land would cost 700 men with 250,000 -- be at the bko and 500,000 to be named. >>> as harry truman's grandson somebody in the middle. i have to -- i choose to honor both. both the sacrifice and sacrifice of american servicemen fighting their way through the pacific and i have a little girl like? who died as a result of the atomic bombing. it's unimaginable what t
news, los angeles. >> glor: margaret thatcher and ronald reagan, once-secret documents reveal their uneasy alliance next. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> glor: a spokesman says prd george h.w. bush is improving and is now even swing doctors and nurses at a houston hospital. mr. bush, who is 88, is in the intensive care unit with bronchitis and a high fever. president bush's predecessor ronald reagan once famously called margaret thatcher the best man in england. theirs was an enduring friendship but barry peterson reports on documents that reveal another side of their alliance. >> reporter: in front of cameras it was all smiles. >> britain and america will stand it side by side. >> reporter: but the documents released today by the british national archives reveal some tempestuou
reagan, is one of the key things that latinos are looking for with comprehensive immigration reform. and one of the reasons why, i mean, you might ask, well, the voters, u.s. citizens, why should they care about pathway to citizenship if they are already citizens. latino voters are very connected to individuals who do not have that citizenship status. whether they are here legally or illegally. the survey data compiled by latino decisions found that of latino voters, ma approximately two-thirds indicated that they know someone he was here with an undocumented status. and furthermore, there's classifications of undocumented status, and when we hear a lot about is the so-called dream act students. those individuals who came at a young age. you know, we now obama issued an order to change dhs deportation policy which really made latino voters more democratic -- more enthusiastic for the democratic ticket. but two-thirds of latino voters know someone here, that is here illegally. but more than half know someone that can meet that dream act qualification. and this is why latino voters ar
debate on gun control both sides are bringing upjohn hinckley's sags nation attempt on president reagan and president reagan's position on guns after that happen. today michael reagan explains, well he explores long-held myths about his father's stand in must-see interview. this is the first we heard from him since what happened on friday. we'll talk to a man who knows all too well the dangers of gun violence but what the solutions are, as you know, that's still a question. >>> as lawmakers focus on legislation after newtown we're hearing new heartwrenching stories of some of the people who helped survivors in moments after the attack including the smallest children. on friday morning gene rosen walked up to his house and discovered a group of 6-year-olds patiently standing on his driveway near the sandy hook elementary school. it wasn't until he brought them inside. comforted them, giving some of his grandchildren's stuffed animals and juice he learned exactly what they had been through. today gene rosen joins us live to explain what those children told him and why he says these young
are destiny. romney won a higher percentage of the white vote since any candidate since ronald reagan in 1984. he won by 20 point with whites, he won with women, 56% to 42%. but he lost the election, why? as the obama campaign predicted, the white portion of the electoral dropped. the president carried nearly 8 in 10 non-white voters including 71% of latinos, 73% of asian voters, a whopping 93% of black voters. it remains a real question whether the democratic nominee no 2016 will be able to hold the coalition closer. finally, lesson four. don't ignore the data. the polls matter, more of them are right than wrong. though public polling in the swing states showed the president ahead, the romney campaign sincerely believed until election day that romney would win. why? romney's pollsters assumed the electoral would be wider and older than it turned out to be. the enthusiasm numbers did favor them, but they didn't have enough voters. more than any cycle in recent memory, many republicans bought into an alternative poling universe. in 2016, much of the emphases in both parties will be to match an
. >>> and documents just made public show a rare source of friction between president ronald reagan and margaret thatcher. [ cellphon irping ] [ buzzing ] bye dad. drive safe. k. love you. [ chirping, buzzing continues ] [ horn honks ] [ buzzing continues ] [ male announcer ] the sprint drive first app. blocks and replies to texts while you drive. we can live without the &. visit [ female announcer ] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood, when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight, and more beautiful mornings. ♪ pampers. peaceful nights. playful days. ♪ the tears of a clown ♪ >> quarter after the hour on this saturday morning. all eyes on capitol hill this morning. "tears of a clown," wonder why we picked that? a lot of tears will be going around if we don't get something worked out and a lot of people calling them clowns if they can't hammer out a fiscal cliff deal. senators will be meeting throughout the day. we'll be heading to the white house from the latest from the president. no
reagan joins us later to explain his theory and why his father's warnings could be coming back to haunt us now. >>> and a major breakthrough in kids' cancer treatments, a potentially life-saving procedure that worked wonders on adults shows new signs it could work on children too. >>> plus, more than a dozen democratic senators are now worried about an obamacare tax that, well, they all voted for. we'll detail the millions of dollars hidden in new fees and when our next guest thinks that lawmakers should have seen this coming. ♪ >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. alisyn: all right. we remember those famous words, of course. now a group of leading democratic senators are joining a republican-led effort to repeal a new medical tax tied to president obama's health care overhaul that they all voted for. but now they say it could have a devastating impact. it's called the medical device tax, and starting next year it will impose a 2.3% tax on all medical devices. it's supposed to bring in nearly $29 billion over the
at reagan national airport, a chilly 31 in manassas. futurecast is going to bring the opportunity to see cloud cover move on this. i think that happens middle of the day. afternoon a pop of moisture is possible but not likely. for most of us by midnight though, those who will be celebrating out and bearly tomorrow morning a light rain or snow shower will pop on through. green weather alert for today and tomorrow. by wednesday, we are mostly sunny, little cooler as temperatures remain in the upper 30s. >>> on the northbound side of 28 coming out of manassas, manassas part to get past i-66, since the early morning hours before 2:00 a.m. the fatal crash investigation, traffic is able to get by single file on the left side of the roadway northbound 28 this also makes for a slow travel down 66. otherwise the volume has been light on the interstate both in virginia and in maryland. 35 open to the 14th street bridge. police responding there for the motorcycle crash. maryland beltway i-27 0 corridor checking out the drive at the american legion brimming. back to you. >> to me it is just incredib
in quantico, 33 in manassas. at the freezing mark at reagan national/ light precipitation in moving our way. we will have a light, wintry mix around lunchtime. no accumulation, just enough to get you in the spirit of the season. and that will change the light rain fall in afternoon. damp roads. not expecting any snow accumulations anywhere. 42 today for the high temperature. partly cloudy tomorrow a pleasant christmas day. a good amount of sunshine with highs in the mid 40's. i will have the seven day coming up. now to steve. >> it's very light traffic, on this christmas eve. 270 at 109, moving very smoothly. traffic headed away from us is southbound. in good shape. no accidents or incidents reported. in springfield traffic is moving pretty well. hardly any traffic northbound. hov lanes are open. normal hov restrictions today in virginia on 95, 95 66, and the toll road. in maryland, in effect. keep in mind that metro rail is running regular service today. there's no vre service. the marc rail pen and brunswick lines are running s service-- marc rarail penn and brunswick lines running s se
july 25, 1981. about president reagan going on to the hill to pitch his bill. the next is from july 30, 1981. this feels kind of awkward. there are two stories here. both of them have dad's picture on the front. the second expands the story of how the legislation passed. some of you know the history better than me, but asked legislation is not always pretty. and this country when we have public servants like paul ryan and marco rubio and like president obama, both democrats and republicans who are serving us, it is incumbent upon us to come beside them and support them as bike everything else. we make them better when we make our views clear. you must do that. this tells a story of the way great legislation impacts not only the country, but the world. i'm sure there is a lot more to the story. senator rubio, this is not only an award to you for your great work, but also to remind you of what is possible, which you just described. we thank you for your leadership, your action, and your work. and we thank your wife for sharing you with this country. [applause] fee thank you. you can put
rollins next. president reagan's former political director. let's turn the wall street in moneyline. washington, what will it be able to resolve? concerns over inflation and other important economic reports. a big decline in gasoline prices last month. year-over-year inflation running a 20%. investors backing away from stocks. the s&p is down six points from the nasdaq lost 21. on the big board, just under 3 billion shares for the week. the dow jones down 23 points. the s&p up 4.5. nasdaq is down seven times -- seven points. the iphone is having less than enthusiastic reception. additionally, news that a federal jury found apple infringed upon free patterns, owned by mobile media ideas, a joint venture of gnocchi at and sunny. no word on how much apple would have to pay. crude oil and news of an increase of industrial production in china and the united states. a barrel of oil now just under $87. eighteen days from the fiscal cliff. the president looking back, addressing claims that he wants to create a socialist system in this country. the president saying if he had been president 2
court. a few more pictures to show you. or reagan's swearing-in, jimmy carter, bill clinton and. here's 1985. this is reagan's second inauguration. a different locale, and the reason is because the weather was so bad in washington d.c. in 1985, it was a wind chill factor below zero, and so everything got canceled. the parade get canceled. then moved the of taking indoors and to the capitol rotunda, so there were only about 1,000 people squeezed in. weather has been a problem a few times, as i mentioned. an old picture from 89 in a lot of rain for the inauguration of benjamin harrison. 1945 this was franklin d. roosevelt's fourth inauguration. the war was going on. he was ill. everything was moved to the white house and he took the of have one of the balcony is there at the white house. so you know that fdr had for inauguration's. here's my trivia. you can impress your friends. barack obama is about to tiny franklin d. roosevelt record. how could that be? roosevelt was inaugurated four times. well, we already know obama was inaugurated twice. the inauguration in january this year falls
for reagan national. that should happen somewhere between the 3:00 and 4:00 hour. after sunset, definitely the temperatures will plummet. right now at reagan national only 38 but it is feeling a little cooler because of the wind chill. satellite and radar is going to continue to pull in more cloud cover. you can see the moisture coming in from the south and in from the west. that is the next system we are tracking that is going to give us the opportunity for a little bit of mixed precipitation as we head into new year's day. although we are in the 30s in and around the beltway, it is feeling like lower 30s. each the 20s off to the north and west. if you have anything to do outside today, make sure you dress accordingly. even today you want to have a good cover with you as you head out. i can tell you as we headed into the afternoon hours for today, we are okay, i believe if you have plans to go out tonight you are blacking pretty good -- looking pretty good. we won't have the precipitation moving in until the early morning hours of your tuesday forecast. for most of us that is in the form
camera. the current conditions still on the cool side. made it up to 43 degrees at reagan national and i think this high today in town will be about 44 and that's about it. we'll have some sunshine into the afternoon and early evening hours. we're tracking a snowstorm moving on in so mostly cloudy by 9:00. temperatures plummet into the 30s. and we go down toward the freezing mark past sunrise. overall though, satellite and radar is really calming down pretty much. but the storm is beginning to pop off towards the west and take a look at the current temperatures right now. although we're sitting in the 40s for most locations, it is feeling much cooler than that. feeling like 39 at reagan national. and 31 at gaithersburg. it will be chilly but at least we don't have too much of a breeze for today. forecast overall although it's feeling kind of cool, we will get treated to that sunshine as we ned in toward -- head in toward the afternoon and early evening hours but i forwarded this futurecast forecast model the about 2:00 a.m. we will begin to see then i think the showers light snow showers
's at the top of the hour. and now as always we say time is money. here is what we've got for you. ronald reagan shot and assistant james brady seriously injured, paralyzed due to his injuries. brady went on to become a gun control advocate. we'll discuss that with mike reagan, ronald reagan's son. >> sioux falls has an unemployment rate 3.7% and it's not a result of the energy boom. we're going to talk to that city's mayor. a trooper retires with a pension of $175,000 a year thanks to unused sick days. will union defender phil diane support that? he'll be with us. e-mail us right now, and at and we'll start with oracle, the software company, profits up, selling more software and yes, the stock is up a buck. not a bad gain for oracle. general mills makes cereals like lucky charms, sales in the last 13 week period, virtually unchanged for the company's stock. fedex, disappointing forecast, took a hit because of sandy, the storm. none of less up two bucks higher. plx technology, the sec is trying to block the proposed takeover. and say the deal would create a near monopoly
like ronald reagan who understand this principle. bill clinton famously said the era of big government is over and the end of wel welfare as we know it. why? because government is not the answer. government is the problem. there was that other iconic democrat, the one that occupied the oval office in 1962. he spoke of the benefits of cutting taxes. president obama, i hope you're watching this. >> this can be the most important step we could take to prevent another recession. that is the right time to make tax cuts both for your family budget and the national budget. resulting from a permanent basic reform and reduction in our rate structure, a creative tax cut creating more jobs and income and eventually more revenue. it will include an across the the board top to bottom cut in both corporate and personal income taxes. the billions of dollars this bill will place in the hands of the consumer, and our businessmen, will have both immediate and permanent benefits to our economy. every dollar released from taxation that is spent or invested will help create a new job and a new salary and t
-- the names that come to mind are robert reagan and clinton. this is what america needs. i have been elected by the americans, i am sending you legislation to enact this. that did something wonderful for congress. the cassette, i did not want to do this but the president asked so we are working on this. they could say, this bill was not perfect, but we fixed it. that gave congress cover to get things done that we have done seen since 2000. presidents operated on the notion they should just provide principles. you need a president to be able to go to his side and say i know you don't like this but we will take care of this another way and the other side can say what is important to them. we need that kind of leadership. host: this is a photograph in "the wall street journal." go back to your earlier point. bread -- there is a division between the president and the white house but also house and senate republicans. senate -- senator mitch mcconnell did not endorse john boehner's plan last week. guest: in this case, you've got substantial differences in party outlook. the tea party was always s
earlier point about the 1990 agreement. ronald reagan was promised two-one spending cuts to taxes. tip o'neil and company law and once again. guest: that is a myth. a good example of that, in the post, by the writer that talks about pinocchio, it has developed into almost a legend but it was a one-to-one promise that reagan himself misunderstood. they pretty much got the one-to-one. host: why is assigning blame more important than getting a resolution? that from rick on the twitter page. guest: for politicians, assigning blame is part of what they do, that is part of their job description. the need to explain to their constituents why they are supporting some things and not others. if you read most of the people that write about these spending programs and where we're headed in the federal budget, we did not assign blame. we're looking at the long term. over the long term, the only thing to blame would be our correct citizenry and politicians, if we can get our act together to do something about it. host: david is on the democrat's line. pennsylvania. good morning. caller: this is 1981 a
be below seasonal compared to how wave been above seasonal. reagan national airport kicked in at 44 degrees. dulles at 45 and b wait a minute thurgood marshall at 42 degrees. current temperatures at reagan national is 40. 4degrees at bwi thurgood marshall. the winds are light as well today. not a lot happening there. if i were a cloud salesman, i would be very rich today. we have plenty of clouds out there. not a lot of sunshine. our high, 51 degrees. a chance of spotty showers later on. >> getting a little bit back to normal. thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright now with the latest on our on-time traffic. >> good morning, tony, bright and early. >> a little sunshine. >> there you go. >> off to a quiet start with no issues report here coming across the american legion bridge. traffic flowing freely headed out towards tyson's. inner loop of the beltway off tie quiet start. northbound 395, all systems go headed across the potomac for the southeast-southwest freeway and construction still in place. inbound canal road here it the m street and the key bridge. got swing wide with very
on a broad thing like this, you need both. >> ronald reagan model is if you get 80% of what you want that's a good day. we have the same objective of lower taxes. i like simpson-bowles. put money on the debt. tax rate hikes are partisan solution driven by the president but he's going to get tax rate hikes. >> lawmakers say they are preparing to spend new year's eve on capitol hill. >> one of the survivors in the oregon mall shooting is speaking out for the first time. the 15 year old was shot december 11th. she was walking through the mall and says the gunman walked right past her carrying what she thought was a paintball gun. seconds later bullets started flying and she was hit multiple times. the doctors were able to save her. >> i know that god has his eyes on us. he has angels on everybody's shoulders. and he's especially watching out for my family. >> it appears christina might have nine lives. she also survived a serious car accident earlier this year. >>> the second victim of a shooting in northeast d.c. has died. police say 69-year-old nathaniel beasley jr. died. the shooting also
is clinton, bless hiseart and reagan: >> when you look at what this particular administration ha done a. you can see a lot of policiless to dismantle the attempt to get bac to work fare that we saw inhe clinton administration, right? >> yeah, but victoria's point about reagan and clinton. we had economic groh then because government was not eating up everything. incentives wereetter aligned for business people to create jobs. i believe in the old parable it is bter to teach a man how to fish than give him fish. long-answer is better prepare people for the needs of the 21st century economy . broken communities and families and schls are not doing that. >> i don't think the government ads are doing it either. >> taking ait for hitting the health care law. the name behinded lobster could have you paying upven more. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ where's tommy? i thought he was with you. . jack! (playing twinkle, twinkle, little star.) tommy? go get him! don't stop! keep playing! here we go. here's the fun part! did you do this? great job! your latest headlines always at fox >> a busine
of the beltway -- that it'sn so fierce legend. of fans at flew up from maine just to witness it. >> the reagan defense is awesome. rg3 is phenomenal. coming to my first nfl game. >> on their home turf, scans fans believed they had a little luck on their side. it is the battle of the beltway. e battle to the because we have to take the steps to get there and we're going to do it. opposing teams of baltimore, we love them, we wish them the best, but on another sunday. ravens fans brought good charms with them, layer after layer. >> that's it. >> apparently all the good luck them goodot bring on the field. it is the redskins' nation that gets bragging rights tonight. fans of both teams it braved e rain and bundled up, but a on the way. let's get right over to our meteorologist who will tell us awayis rain is going anytime soon. we have another day of cloudy rain, but the big difference tomorrow is the temperatures. wait until you see what is on the way. chilly outside right now. 45 in cumberland as we look at our satellite and radar. there are that showers -- the moving intoivity cumberland and h
early. that's the good news. better visibility and a better commute. warm temperatures. 53 at reagan national at this hour. 49 at dulles, 50 in manassas, 48 in gaithersburg. if a cold front off to our west temperatures in the mid 40's. we will work on clearing out the skies progressively through the afternoon. we will become breezy with gusts up to 25 miles an hour. temperatures stay miles through the morning. it will get cooler weather with the clearing. we haven't even cooler seven-day forecast, minutes away. first, time for traffic and weather jamee whitten. >> good morning. it is a quiet morning on 270, no troubles between frederick and the beltway. between prince george's, anne arundel, montgomery county is, no troubles. fog could be a little bit of a factor. this is germantown. 355 through gaithersburg and heading south towards the beltway towards n.i.h, all your travel lanes are open. the beltway is open to landover, passing 202. no troubles in silver spring or tysons. back to you. >> thank you. now you can drive a little faster along more major d.c. commuter routes. .increase
at the wind gusts earlier in the day. last hour around 25 miles per hour at dulles. about 20 at reagan national airport. you can see the winds beginning to settle down. mainly clear for the overnight. temperatures will drop into the 30's. this will be the coldest night of the season. we will talk about morning wake- up temperatures and what to expect in just a few minutes. >> we're going to get the political winds. they're blowing it all sorts of directions. this was a critical day in the talks to avoid that fiscal cliff. tonight, the news is not good. negotiations are at a stand fall. autria godfrey has been following developments all day long. >> just a short time ago we were told that talks to to a screeching halt. vice-president joe biden talking with the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell this afternoon. perhaps proof of how dire the circumstances are, president obama took to the sunday show, potentially setting when we careen off the cliff, and in congress. less than 48 hours from falling off the cliff, president obama is putting the blame on republicans. >> the offers i ha
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